Rossi Nails At Home Dip Powder Manicure

This week is stressful for so many of us for a whole host of reasons. In many ways it feels like it is the culmination of a whole year (or more) of stress that has been building as though in a pressure cooker. It is important this week especially to find ways to take care of yourself and protect your mental fortress from the stress wolves at the gate. It may feel silly or frivolous when things feel so dire outside. But finding peace or quiet in small things is key to recharging and building mental and physical strength to weather whatever comes.

For me self care can sometimes be pampering myself at home. Nowadays going out to a salon for pampering comes with as much stress as it was meant to relieve. So instead I find peace and calm in at home pampering. New on my channel are three videos with ROSSI Nails and my “At Home Dip Powder” routine to keep your manicures fierce and your stress levels low!


We are the Khaimovs and welcome to our family! Come on in and join us as we juggle work, family and life all while trying to just keep on #khaimovinandshakin

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