Bujo with Me: May 2020

Hi friends, 

As we go into another month of lockdown it hardly seems possible that we are also quickly approaching the halfway point for 2020.  It feels like 2020 has really been teaching us that saying the hours are long but the day (or in this case year) is short.  So as we look at a new month of staying at home, I took my inspiration for this month’s journal spread from the real pros at #quarantinelife…SUCCULENTS🌵! These tough little guys are great at staying home and weathering the toughest conditions (including a very negligent owner/waterer).

Inspired by these hardy, at home companions I went with shades of green and browns with pops of deep purples for this intricate (but very easy) succulent theme.  If nothing else, drawing the repeating geometric patterns of these succulents is a great way to let your mind relax and take a break.  Meanwhile, playing with the monochromatic color scheme for shading and depth will get your creative juices flowing!  


Supplies Used:

Brush Colors Used: 451 158 195 245 N57 947 899 879 277 679

If you want to see more about how I set up my May Bullet Journal Spreads be sure to check out my May 2020 Bujo With Me video below or on my Youtube Channel!


We are the Khaimovs and welcome to our family! Come on in and join us as we juggle work, family and life all while trying to just keep on #khaimovinandshakin

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