Bujo with Me: 2020 New Bullet Journal Set Up

Welcome to the roaring 20s!! the 2020s that is 😉

With the decade coming to a close, it seemed a perfect time to start a fresh new bullet journal.  

Follow along to see how I go about transferring from one Bullet Journal to another and see how I set up my 2020 Bullet Journal


– For this year’s bullet journal I decided to go with the Archer & Olive A5 Fleur de Bleu Dot Grid Notebook.  https://www.archerandolive.com/collections/signature-a5-dot-grid-notebooks/products/a5-fleur-de-bleu-dot-grid-notebook-1

I really like that this notebook’s pages are much thicker than the Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal.  Even though it has a few less features than the Leuchtturm (one less bookmark ribbon and no prenumbered pages), it still has the classic dot grid and includes 2 ribbon page markers as well as a pen holder loop and the pocket in the back. As we go along this year I’ll keep you all posted on how I like this one compared to my old notebook

– Before I start writing anything in my new journal I create a page in my old Journal to plan out my new journal.  I try to write the order of the spreads I want for my future log and year long spreads and tracker.  I also make lists of spreads I want to keep, spreads I want to change/add and spreads I want to leave behind.  This way I have a good idea of how many pages I need to reserve in the front and how they will look next to each other so they are a little more cohesive

– Thinking of a clean slate for the new year I decided to keep my 2020 Bujo spreads simple black and white.

– For each Month I do I decided I would take the color palette I use for each month and do a mini swatch of those colors in the index section just to add a little color.

– For my opening quote, to set the tone for 2020 and the new decade ahead of us, I chose “Now as we close one chapter the pen is gradually inking up, preparing itself to write the next.” – Mie Hansson.  I like the imagery of this new year being a blank page (or bullet journal haha) and we are all pens poised to write our own stories.

– For my future log I stuck with the format from my previous journal with the page divided in thirds for each month with a mini calendar for the month and then blank spaces  for me to write in important dates and events for each month.  I really like this layout to have a quick at a glance for each of the months.

– After my Future Log I like to keep my Goals for 2020.  Instead of filling the page with resolutions at the start of the year I likje to start with a few and add more as the year goes on and as I am able to check off other goals.

– I like to keep at the front of my Journal my Grid Spaces Page which outlines a lot of common spacing and lines I use in my layouts throughout the months.  

– The next set of spreads are lists and trackers I go back to often so they make sense to be at the beginning of my journal before the monthly spreads.  

These include my “Treat Yo’Self” Wishlist where I like to keep a list of big purchase items or luxury goods I want to work towards getting for myself as little rewards.  

I also have my Bucket List which is essentially a brain dump of all the things I want to do. This year I broke that up into categories: Travel, Experiences, NY related activities and Seasonal activities.  

In a similar vein I also have a Check this Out Spread which is my list of books, podcasts, movies and tv shows I want to check out or people recommend to me.  

I also have my Bookshelf where I will add in the titles of books I finish reading throughout the year.  My *plan* is to try to illustrate the bookspines as well to look similar to the actual books so it looks like I have a miniature capsule of all the books I’ve read this year.

Another handy spread I like to have is my Brands Cheat Sheet.  I hate when I’m shopping (especially at Sephora and Ulta) and I can’t remember my exact shade or size in a particular brand.  So now I like to keep a running list once I find a makeup, skincare product or clothing brand that I like I will write down the brand, item and size/shade that fit me so I can refer back when repurchasing.  This year I added a heart for favorites that I repurchase frequently and a star for new products that I have tried and like.

Finally, the ever-important Finance Tracker.  I use this to keep track of my credit score, our savings and our debt payoff.

If you want to see more about how I set up my 2020 Bullet Journal Spreads be sure to check out my 2020 Bujo WIth Me: New Bullet Journal Set Up  video below or on my Youtube Channel!


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