Apple & Honey Fall Cocktails

With 2020 (5780) throwing us all a curve ball and totally shaking up how we holiday together- but-apart, I was determined to find ways to make this Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year) special for our little family. I have a bunch of crafts and activities planned to keep our little one engaged with the holiday but I also wanted to find something special for the adults (just the hubs and I).

I decided to concoct some fun libations playing on the symbolic foods of this holiday: apples & honey. These cocktails are refreshing and cozy, and a very welcome break from the usual wine and cider of this season.

Whether you’re celebrating Rosh Hashana (L’Shana Tova!) or just want to try something new to start off Sweater Season, both these drinks are sure to wow!

Make sure your bar is well stocked with:

Zachlawi Honey Pepper Whiskey

Half Moon Orchard Apple Gin

The Rip Van Winkle

In a cocktail shaker with ice mix: 3 shots Honey Pepper Whiskey; 1 shot Spiced Honey Simple Syrup*; 2 shots Apple juice

*Spiced Honey Simple syrup: 2 parts Clover Honey + 1 part warm water + 1 stick cinnamon & 1 pod star anise (You can trade out or add any fall spices you wish).

Shake until chilled and serve with a cinnamon stick. Optional garnish: Dip rim of the glass in the honey simple syrup and dust with chili pepper powder.

The Tipsy Grey Lady

In a cocktail shaker with ice mix: 2 shots Half Moon Orchard Apple Gin; Juice from Half a lemon; 2 shots Wildflower Honey Simple Syrup; 4 shots Lady Grey (or Earl Grey) tea cooled to room temp

Shake until chilled and serve in a festive tumbler. Garnish with a thin slice of Granny Smith Apple.

If you want to make these sips along with me, check out my Fall Cocktail video below.



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